• Trade in energy sector is the dominant feature of the bilateral cooperation between the two coun­tries. The UAE is one of the largest suppliers of crude oil to India. Both countries have signed a Memoran­dum of Understanding on the Esta­blishment of a Strategic Petroleum Reserve in India. Both decided to increase cooperation in the crude oil sector, including through training, and human resources development and partnership in oil exploration, They also resolved to cooperate in the ongoing climate change negotiations under the United nations Frame work Convention on Climate Change (UNDCCC). In view of the Paris climate change agreement, both agreed that the development of sus­tainable and clean sources of energy is a shared priority. They also signed the General Framework Arrangement for Cooperation in Renewable Energy, which will lead to deeper cooperation in this important area. It should be noted that the Indian Prime Minister launched International Solar Alliance
    (ISA) during Paris negotiations in November-December 2015. Since the UAE is the founder member if this initiative, it affirmed support for the same.