• People and Culture—It was

underlined that both India and UAE are the multicultural societies and value diversity and respect to all faiths. The UAE recognizes the valu­able contribution of Indian commu­nity in their social and economic development. India appreciated the continued efforts of the UAE to ensure the welfare of the Indian com­munity in UAE. Both countries signed a Cultural Exchange Programme for the period 2016-18, which will enhance cultural cooperation between the two countries. A cultural project, bringing art to infrastructure, will be initiated in 2016 to showcase the vitality and diversity of UAE culture in India.

  • Security and Defence

  • —Both India and UAE agreed to strengthen their strategic partnership by continu­ing to work closely on a range of security issues like counter-terrorism, maritime security, and cyber-security. They also re-affirmed their respect for the bedrock principles of national sovereignty and non-interference. With respect to cyber security, the two sides agreed to cooperate on sharing technical best practices in the field of information and communi­cations technologies. They also agreed
    to strengthen the existing cooperation in training, joint exercises, and parti­cipation in defence exhibitions, as well as in identifying opportunities to cooperate on the production of defence equipment in India. They resolved to strengthen maritime security in the Gulf and the Indian Ocean region, which is vital for the security and prosperity of both countries. They have already set up the Joint Defence Cooperation Com­mittee for identifying the program­mes of cooperation in defence sector.